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Comments from a over-caffinated mind.

Fashionably hostile and trend-settingly bleak

Andrew Davies
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By day I work for a major games company, by night I fight crime in a unitard. I also DJ, airsoft, & read the news far too much. This is my blog and in it goes entries about politics, history, social media, movies, the internet, marketing, music, and things I'll be doing. There isn't one single theme but then such is my world.
abby hoffman, altered states, animaniacs, art, article 23, b-movies, b3ta, bad brains, bands you don't know, baron samedi, battlemechs, bill hicks, blowing shit up, books, bouncy tunes, brains, caffeine, caffeine drinks, cars, cats, cd's, cerebus the aardvark, chrome, church of the sub-genius, cinema, clubbing, computer games, confusing relationships, conspiracys, cookery, cooking, cortex bombs, crossover, cyber, cyber implants, cyberculture, cyberpunk, cyberpunk 2020, dark future, dead kennedys, debating, dippadoom, discordianism, donnie darko, dont blame me i voted for jameth, doom patrol, dreams, dri, duct tape, dune, earthworm jim, ebm, economics, eris, extreme performance art, films, fla, food, fortean, friends, frontline assembly, fucking people off, gym, hardcore, harry potter, healthy, history, homemade explosives, honesty, humour, industrial, industrial music, internet, j.r. "bob" dobbs, jello biafra, jospeh the clown, jr "bob" dobbs, just plain wrong, latex, lrp, magic, make up, martial arts, mass homicide, mdc, mental health, moshing, movies, mp3s, mudkipz, music, new music, nightmares, nyhc, occult, octaine, pagan, philosophy, politics, popular science, psychobilly, psychonautics, psychoscapes, punk, quitting smoking, rabid monkey knife fights, rantradio, reading, religion, role-playing, roleplay, roleplaying, romance, rpc, rpg's, rpgs, russian police clothing, sam and max, sci-fi, scifi, serial killers, similar maniacs, skanking, sla, sla industries, sloths, special effects, srl, strange days, stuff, sub-genius, subgenius, suicidal tendencies, survival research laboratories, terrorist religion, the calling, the cramps, the dead kennedys, the meteors, the ramones, things, thrash, three wise monkeys, vincent price, voodoo, walrus free areas, x, young healthy things, zombies